2019 year in review & looking ahead in 2020

Published March 01, 2020

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Last year I wrote up a few of my goals for learning, and I wanted to repeat the exercise for this year. Planning for last year, even in rough terms, helped me sketch out a path and think about what I wanted to explore. I ended up writing and publishing 4 articles over the course of the year, much better than 2018. Also, talking about what I wanted to learn led to some encouraging words from friends and mentors, and prompted discussions where I shared what I had been learning with people who were interested.

What went well

I did a few things right when it came to my learning goals in 2019:

What could have gone better

What I want to learn more about in 2020

The first three areas I’m interested in are hard to set goals for, although with the motivation of shipping early and often, I’d like to write at least one new post a month about whatever topic I’m currently in the weeds with. This goal strikes the right balance between being a forcing function while remaining flexible enough to let me explore whatever rabbithole I’m currently in.

As for learning Mandarin, thankfully the apps I’m using (Duolingo and LingoDeer) track progress fairly well, although depending on how much time I have, I might end up taking an in-person class as well…we’ll see.

Until next time!

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